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Orthon | Male Tiefling Name

Character Profile:

  • Name: Orthon
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6 feet (183 cm)
  • Build: Lean and muscular
  • Skin Color: Charcoal gray
  • Hair Color: Jet black
  • Eye Color: Fiery orange

Abilities and Traits:

  1. Infernal Resistance: Orthon has resistance to fire damage.
  2. Darkvision: Orthon can see perfectly in darkness up to 60 feet.
  3. Hellish Rebuke: Once per long rest, when Orthon is damaged by a creature within 60 feet of him and he can see, he can retaliate with a fiery burst, dealing fire damage to the attacker.
  4. Winged: Orthon has bat-like wings protruding from his back that enable him to fly for short distances.
  5. Charm of Shadow: Orthon can cast darkness once per short rest, enveloping an area in magical darkness.

Cultural and Background Information:

Orthon was born and raised in the infernal city of Khallandor, situated on the edge of the Nine Hells. As a Tiefling, he faced discrimination and prejudice from an early age due to his fiendish appearance. However, his harsh upbringing in the treacherous streets of Khallandor has made him resilient and self-reliant.

Orthon's demonic heritage traces back to an ancient pact made by his ancestors, where demonic powers were bestowed upon their bloodline in exchange for eternal servitude to a powerful devil lord. While Orthon's family remained loyal to their infernal masters for generations, he yearned for his freedom.

One fateful night, Orthon managed to steal a scroll containing forbidden knowledge from his family's library. The scroll detailed a ritual that could sever the connection between a Tiefling and their demonic heritage. Determined to be free from his ancestral obligations, Orthon embarked on a perilous journey to find a way to perform the ritual.

During his quest, Orthon honed his combat skills and learned to tap into his demonic powers. He became an adept spellcaster, specializing in fire-based spells that mirrored his infernal heritage. Guided by his unwavering determination and a burning desire for liberation, Orthon ventured through treacherous landscapes and encountered various creatures of the fantasy realm.

Now, Orthon roams the world as a wanderer, seeking a way to permanently sever his ties to the Nine Hells and embrace a new life free from the influence of his fiendish ancestry. His journey has led him to encounter diverse cultures and interact with different races, further expanding his knowledge and understanding of the world beyond Khallandor.